Sunday, 4 January 2015

County Hospital, Durham

So for the first explore of the year I think I've made a good start. Sitting away from the main hospital block lays this little gem, quite unassuming from the outside; inside holds 1 main autopsy table with 3 others surrounding it. After setting off from Manchester at a silly time in the morning, we spent the journey wondering if it was actually still open or not... Fortunately the two and a half hour drive was not in vain and we found ourselves sat inside drinking Mcdonalds coffee waiting for the light to improve.  After taking some shots from the mortuary we moved onto the main hospital block and had a walk around some pretty similar looking corridors with the occasional feature to keep us interested. On the way out we dropped back into the mortuary as the light was 100 times better now and then headed back to Manchester via another local abandonment.  

Happy new year and I hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Fletchers paper mill - Oldham

At a loose end to where to go due to a seeming lack of places in the North West of England at the moment, myself, Camera Shy and Marvin decided to revisit a once staple of the scene here in the U.K. After hearing that work had been done to try and make it more difficult to visit, we turned up to find a mass of wooden pallets all covered in barbed wire and grease (now, not the normal vandal grease but just industrial grease) which made it pretty awful to climb.  Once inside we had a good wander around, took some photos, dressed up as other explorers using the available gold paper, and Camera Shy put his foot through a wooden walk way.  Anyway, enough of my babble and here are some pictures.